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Automated business systems




Our advanced service software automates your service offerings. 

Our software manages electric locks or WiFi/SMS-controlled electrical devices, fuses, and gate systems. Your customers can access your services automatically.





With our systems, you enable the availability and use of your services around the clock.

You rent spaces and services from the online store 24/7. You will have access to electronically signed rental agreements and automatic access control.



You have access to a comprehensive service coordination management system. 

You manage your business, online store, and resources from the control panel. Your customers are automatically billed, and payments are monitored. You market and manage campaigns and also administer and sell additional services to your customers.

Gateway Access Solutions

Automatic access control is a fundamental standard for various business operations, particularly in the era of remote management. We offer Linux-computer-based integrated SOSERV-Logistics and GSM-gate solutions, ensuring keyless and secure entry into premises. Entrepreneurs receive real-time information about the users of their spaces and can manage their customers' access rights, providing strong protection for the business against potential misuse. The flexibility of our software allows for integration with several different manufacturers of smart locks and electronic key cabinets.

Furthermore, our software is compatible with Punta Oy's distribution solutions.

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The pricing of the software consists of service setup and implementation costs, one-time license purchase or license rental fees, and maintenance costs. Maintenance costs cover technical support, software updates, backups, and server fees. We price software deliveries on a case-by-case basis according to the customer's requirements. Please contact us, and we will provide more detailed information

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