About Us

Sold Out Services specializes in the automation of space and service rentals. We provide you with modern software tools for the rental of spaces, commercial premises, small warehouses, and apartments, as well as the automatic rental of services and products." 

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a department store for business management and service coordination systems known for reliability, customized offerings, and quality.





Our Story

Our product ideas for sales promotion software were born well before the technological revolution of the 2000s and the era before touch screen phones. The initial electronic sales promotion services were developed for ticket sales. We garnered significant attention in a market dominated by giant competitors, and encouraged by this, we began using our foundation solution in other industries as well.

Over the years, our solutions have evolved to be industry-agnostic, serving all types of businesses and programmed with the latest technology.

Today, the foundation of our products lies in the versatility and compatibility of the over 20 software modules we've developed. By maintaining an open dialogue with our customers and reflecting on their needs, we have continuously improved our products. This benefits all parties involved, and we believe it's the key to sustainable business. That's why our development work never truly ends.


Our Team

We are a blend of long-standing experience, modern expertise, and creative talent. Join us in creating top-notch services together!





Kari Pekka Heikkilä

CEO /  Founder


Miki Heikkilä

Key Account Manager


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